Time flies

Back and forth between Tel Aviv and Berlin.  I am exploring, experiencing, discovering. One place I always like to come back to is ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ in Jaffa. My friend called it a ‘food factory’, which may sound a little odd in terms of what to expect.

In fact the food is always fresh and super delicious. The variety of mezze which are put on your table the moment you sit down is amazing. I love the grilled fish, fresh from the sea, but also the chicken that my friends had was just perfect.

The service is fast and mostly really friendly, which is special in such a busy place.

Satisfaction has a name

It is called Yum! Yesterday I was introduced to a place that I had not been to before, Nathan Thai. I am not a particular lover of Thai food, because mostly I find it either too spicy or too dull. This one is different. First of all I loved the interior, especially the toilets. Yes, toilets. You have to go there if you ever visit this place. Clean, stylish, special, worth a visit.

Further, the service is really nice, attentive, knowledgeable, fast.

And of course the food. I had only 2 small dishes, the papaya salad, which I shared with my friend, and a medium size dish made with polenta and veal cheeks. The meat was super tender, and the mixture of spices was just perfect.

At the end we shared a desert which was also really delicious. But the really special little detail was, that they heat up your (golden!) spoons in chai, before you enjoy the desert, which makes it a particular experience.

Another great discovery in Tel Aviv.

While I am away

This weekend I spend 2 days in a place that I know for more than 30 years. It is a small village in North Germany in an area called Lueneburger Heide.

I always love to eat local specialities, and I love sweet stuff in general. So I was looking for a local speciality called ‘buckwheat tarte’. In my memory this is a cake made of 3 layers biscuit dough made from a mix of buckwheat and wheat flower with a filling of cream mixed with cranberries. Delicious!

Today I found a variation which is very yummie, made of buckwheat flower and ground almonds. So it is not so fluffy, but more substantial. Indeed, very tasty and filling.

Highly recommended.

Did I mention that I love food?


When I give myself a treat…

I never thought that I would write about food.  But since I am traveling to Israel a lot, I have shared whatever food I ate, that made me happy, with my friends on Facebook or on Instagram, and many of my friends got inspired and asked me ‘Don’t you want to write a food blog?” At first I thought this is a strange idea, I have enough on my plate already ( hahaha, what a funny expression in this context). But somehow it made sense. I really am passionate about food. I love good food, and it is one of my 4 biggest pleasures in life to eat. Guess, which ones are the other 3 ????  (Love, dance and sleep)
It does not have to be a 5 star restaurant. All I need is good quality, made with love.
Today I had a real treat again at a street food place in Allenby street in Tel Aviv. They make only kebabs, but what a kebab! First of all it is a pleasure to watch them make them. The guy cuts the vegetables so beautifully, small and smaller, and fresh, fresh, fresh. The meat is put on the grill for each order, the tahini is wonderful creamy, and the taste – just yummy.  The pitta bread is so fluffy, just perfect. My favorite place for fast food, definitely.



I love food! I have had a passion for food since I can remember. Coming to Israel made a dream come true. The food here is the best of all foods I have eaten. I think, because Jews came to Israel from all over the world, they brought their favourite dishes and receipes and made them their own. Therefore I find so many different kind of dishes here, my mouth and my stomach are jubilating with all this variety. My friends have encouraged me to start writing a blog about food. So here I am. I will share my love for food with you, and I will be happy about any of your comments, tips, suggestions…. Starting with a place that I discovered some time ago. It is not food really. It is a coffeeshop, that I discovered through a dear friend. Mae Coffee. Mae Coffee is freshly ground coffee, imported from Costa Rica and roasted freshly in their own roastery. A small and super friendly family business, run by the most friendly guy. Every time I come here I enjoy my favourite coffee, French press. It is a jewel, and I always delight in sitting in this beautiful little place, also in this moment, while writing my first blog comment. A place I feel at home – as I feel at home in this country.