Satisfaction has a name

It is called Yum! Yesterday I was introduced to a place that I had not been to before, Nathan Thai. I am not a particular lover of Thai food, because mostly I find it either too spicy or too dull. This one is different. First of all I loved the interior, especially the toilets. Yes, toilets. You have to go there if you ever visit this place. Clean, stylish, special, worth a visit.

Further, the service is really nice, attentive, knowledgeable, fast.

And of course the food. I had only 2 small dishes, the papaya salad, which I shared with my friend, and a medium size dish made with polenta and veal cheeks. The meat was super tender, and the mixture of spices was just perfect.

At the end we shared a desert which was also really delicious. But the really special little detail was, that they heat up your (golden!) spoons in chai, before you enjoy the desert, which makes it a particular experience.

Another great discovery in Tel Aviv.

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