Salad is a special theme  for me. I am not a salad person really. In fact I avoid it and only eat it when I ‘must’. This comes of course from my childhood ( which of our inhibitions don’t?), when we had to eat those big salad leaves from the garden with a terrible ‘sauce’ made with lemon, milk and sugar. I am still shuddering in the memory. But sometimes ‘green’ is calling me, and today was such a day. So I am here in this cute little place called ‘Nola’ in Dizengoff Street 197, never been here before. I ordered a spinach salad, with mushrooms, almonds and crispy bacon, dresses with a tiny amount of lemon and olive oil, and I really enjoyed it. Besides the freshness of the ingredients I also enjoyed the athmosphere of this cute little place. Friendly staff, and, not to be underestimated, nice background music, just right.  And I like vintage furniture, which gives it a cosy touch.



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